5 Things to Look for in Online Conservative Politics News Sources – Choose Wisely!

In this day and age there is such a flood of information online, that it can be tough to choose which sources to turn to for your daily blast of news updates. This can be particularly challenging in niche arenas, such as conservative political news as an example. We want to know that our attention, the short bit that we all have left after Facebook, Twitter, cleaning out our email inbox, and reading a blog post or two, are worth our time. Here’s 5 tips that will help you to evaluate your conservative political online news options so that you make the choice that is best for you.

1) Is it objective? While we own have different political views, some news sources can lean heavily in one direction or another. I’m not talking about Republican or democratic, but rather within a republican news source, are both sides of the equation being presented?

2) Is there interaction? Look to see if there are comments on blog posts and articles, and if it’s a forum type atmosphere, are there active conversations going on, an active community if you will.

3) Look at the advertisers on the site. Nearly all online publications make the bulk of their revenue through online advertising partners. Generally speaking, if the companies listed on their site with large banner ads are large, well known brands, you can assume they are charging a hefty fee for the space and therefore have the web traffic to support it, an excellent indicator of popularity and therefore, often quality as well.

4) If they publish their subscriber base, compare it to other similar publications.

5) Try testing a “contact” submission to see if you get a response. Do this to our top three choices and consider subscribing to the news source that gets back to you the quickest, after all, it’s important that your choice for information regarding conservative political news is prompt in their customer response time.

Hopefully this is helpful. The barrage of information is truly overwhelming these days, so much so that I highly recommend unsubscribing to those emails that you constantly delete without even looking at. What’s the point of keeping them coming in? Once you do that, and choose wisely a few solid sources that you turn to for your information, it will open up more time for more important activities, and in the process make you feel a little lighter.